A One-of-a-kind Summit

Every four years a unique group of skaters come together to explore ways of serving the skateboarding community around the world. The Skate Community Summit is hosted by a community of organizations running skate outreaches across the globe.

We believe that skaters are awesome and that the skate scene around the world is amazing

We are committed to help skateboarding individuals experience fullness in every part of their life.

We are committed to help make the world of these skaters a flourishing, healthy, creative community.

We represent a diversity of belief about outreach, life, and God, but we all agree that there is a fullness of life gained through the pursuit of the person of Jesus. We want to give an opportunity for people to understand who Jesus is and to follow him.

Global Impact

Significant partnerships continue to be established through Skate Community Summit events. The impact of these events has produced many international skate outreach trips, camps, skatepark projects, and ongoing connections between organizations, municipalities and businesses around the world. The Skate Community Summit became has helped launch a new wave of outreach into the skate scene around the world.